Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)

Many thanks to East West Bank for providing $5,500 to support our Parent-Child Home Program. A description of this valuable service is below:

Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)

In this intensive, hands-on home visiting model, trained Home Visitors visit with low income immigrant families twice-a-week over a two-year period. Using a new book or educational toy each week, they model verbal interaction, and learning through reading, play, and conversation, for the parent/caregiver and child together. The books and toys are gifts to the families, and are the curricular tools that help them to create language-rich home environments that promote literacy, school readiness, and school success. Through home visiting, The Parent-Child Home Program creates opportunities for the growth and reinforcement of positive parent-child interaction and the nurturing relationships crucial to children’s successful development.

A longitudinal study from ORS Impact shows that the successes PCHP grads experience and take with them to the first day of kindergarten sticks with them for years to come. The highlights include:

  1. Kids are more ready for kindergarten. PCHP graduates score higher on readiness scores than both the comparison group – and Washington State average!
  2. Increased English Language Proficiency. More PCHP graduates, compared to the comparison group, demonstrated higher levels of English proficiency when they entered kindergarten.
  3. Increased academic performance at Grade. PCHP graduates significantly out-performed the comparison group in reading and math. They also performed higher in math than the statewide average.

This study shows that reaching these children early in life is eliminating the opportunity gap – not only do these kids out-perform their peers who didn’t go through the program, they are out-performing state averages. This is a proven program for our kids, with longitudinal benefits that will help reduce disparities and help Seattle reach the goals of all children ready to learn and achieve their potential.

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